You can learn what the weather or humidity is like on your farm in a few seconds on your mobile phone or computer.

We are the first company in the Czech Republic to use online sensors in agriculture. Thanks to these, you’ll always know what’s happening in your fields or storage—without having to go there.

Sensors for crops

Thanks to online sensors, you have a constant overview of the temperature and humidity in your crops. You can decide remotely on daily or seasonal activities in a field and keep an eye on whether the conditions for disease and pests in crops are spreading.

Soil sensors

With a small meteorological station, you have an overview of the temperature, humidity, and rainfall on your land going back several years. Planning daily and seasonal activities on a farm is a lot simpler—and everything can be handled from home or your office.

Sensors for storage

These sensors measure the temperature inside your harvest and the temperature and humidity throughout a storage unit. You learn in time of any risk to your crop being damaged, the spread of pests, or weakened germination capacity.

Meteorological station

S drobnou meteostaničkou máte přehled o teplotě, vlhkosti i srážkách na vašich pozemcích i několik let nazpátek. Plánování denních i sezonních aktivit na farmě je tak o dost jednodušší – a navíc vše zařídíte z domu nebo z kanceláře.

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