Our online sensors keep you always up-to-date about what’s happening on your farm

We’re one of the first companies to bring online sensors to the agricultural community. They let you always know what’s happening in your fields or inside your warehouse, and all of this information is available on both your computer and mobile device. Never be caught off-guard again: you can now take action at the first sign of any negative condition of your inventory or crops.

Plan your day simply and efficiently

The data collected from the sensors give you the information that you need to plan your daily activities more effectively. You’ll know which parts of your farm need a little extra attention- either from being under-watered, having an occurrence of pests, or many others of the conditions that any farmer needs to address.

Protect your harvested crops

Observe the conditions in your silos or other crop storage areas to make sure your valuable harvest isn’t being damaged by excessive moisture or pests.

Predict potential disease or infestations

Based on measured microclimatic conditions, we can alert you to the probability of disease or pest problems occurring. Currently this feature is only available for our partners in Central Europe, but we are quickly expanding our databases to include additional regions. Please contact our sales team for more information about when this feature may be available in your country.

Wide selection of sensors

We offer a range of sensors to fit the exact needs of your farm. There are soil sensors, crop storage sensors, animal wellness sensors, and more. Check out our full catalogue for more information.

Cutting-edge technology

We work with IoT technology, meaning that the sensors send their measurements directly to the application. Our sensors are also designed to operate on very little energy, resulting in long-lasting battery lives.

Historical data available

The app stores all of your measured values even if you deactivate or move your sensors.

Measurements updated every 30 minutes

Always know the latest about what’s happening on your farm with new data every 30 minutes.

A personal touch

If you’re interested in what our sensors can do for you, we will happily come to your farm and give you a personal demonstration. If you like what you see, we will even install the sensors for you ourselves.


Historical data

All collected data is available in the app, even if you move or deactivate the corresponding sensors. We make it easy for you to go back and consider past measurements.

Map visualization

You can see on the map exactly where your sensors are located. By just clicking on them, you can see both the latest measurement as well as the average. You can also view this information in a graph, with daily, weekly, and monthly views available.

Exporting your data

You can download sensor data to your computer in .xlsx (MS Excel) format, with the temperature, humidity, and rainfall values all displayed within the spreadsheet. You can export your data within a customizable span of time.

Prediction models

By using predictive models, the application is able to alert you to possible outbreaks of disease or pests before they actually occur. Not only that, but the app can pinpoint the exact areas for concern and display that on the map. Currently, this feature is only available in Central Europe, but we are quickly expanding our databases to include additional regions. Please contact our sales team for more information about when this feature may be available in your country.

Sensors for different use-cases

Thanks to our wide range of sensors, you can always have the right tool for the job. Plan your activities more effectively, protect your siloed harvest, ensure stable breeding conditions for your animals, and save time and costs associated with running your farm. Find out more about the different sensors we offer inside of our catalogue.

Sensor service costs

The Sensors feature starts at 8 € per month, and increases slightly depending on the number of sensors you have in use. But don’t pull the trigger blind, let us schedule a time to come show you just how awesome these things are.

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