Bar sensors on AGROSSyn farm

The AGROSSyn farm is large. Each field and storage unit has to be checked. This requires the time of an employee. The farm further practices precision farming, such as the application of fertilizers on specific sections of the field, in keeping with the principles of sustainable development.

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Bar sensors and weather stations on Astur Astraškov

ooperation with CleverFarm led to the installation of 2 meteorological stands (equipped with leaf- moisture sensors), 3 temperature sensors, several sensors installed in their fields, and 17 rod sensors in their post-harvest storage halls. The main goal was to be more efficient. They also streamlined their land management with the CleverAssets application.

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Land Registry in Homolka & Pavlík Company

Before the implementation of CleverAssets, the company kept its records in Excel. The company was searching for a user-friendly system, which would keep a record of all information and could be accessed by investors, for a clear overview of land without the need for assistance from Mr. Homolka’s company.

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CleverFarm and CleverAssets also use...