Agrospol Jezeřany

The Agrospol Jezerany company, which is located 30 km south of Brno, was established in 1993 as an agricultural production business. The total farmland is about 630 ha.

„We’ve seen significant benefits from our cooperation with CleverFarm and the integration of their smart technologies into our operation. We’ve been able to be much more self-sufficient than before - even with a relatively small number of employees and farming equipment. It’s very convenient to have all the features that CleverFarm provides all in one place. Also, thanks to CleverFarm’s Agricultural Innovation Academy (AIA), we’ve been able to introduce a variable seeding system for our corn, which is one of our main crops.“

Ing. Ondrej Cap, agronomist

In 2009, Agrospol’s desire to optimize their farm led them to begin considering implementing more smart technologies.

First, they added a navigation system that they used to organize and track movement on the farm. Over time, they started to add tracks to move machinery across the land during seeding and harvesting, in the spirit of Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF).

After CleverFarm was established in Brno, Ing. Ondrej Cap continued his long and productive cooperation with them.

Practical use of IoT sensors, and a custom-tailored cooperation

With the help of the meteorological stands and soil sensors, farmers are now able to better plan for their daily work. There is no need to travel to every square centimeter of the land just to check the conditions – all of that info is sent directly to the CleverFarm application. This includes measurements of humidity, precipitation, temperature, and wind velocity. This data is constantly refreshed inside the app every 15 minutes. Another important feature of the meteorological stand is that it can measure the amount of moisture on leaves. This allows the sensors to predict, among other things, the presence of pests damaging the crops – including corn borers and fungal diseases.

Just this alone has allowed Agrospol Jezerany to increase their yields by up to 60 %. The soil’s fertility can be determined by satellite data and imagery. This is displayed in the form of a variable prescription map, which lets the farm know which areas are fertile and which areas need more help. This results in a variable rate prescription mapping system, which helps apply the exact quantity of fertilizer to each part of the land in order to optimize its usage. This same principle can also be used with seeding and the application of pest prevention products.

Because they are only using the amount that is needed, it minimizes the impact on the environment as well as reduces the overall cost of materials. In the future, Agrospol Jezerany also plans to incorporate sensors inside their storage halls in order to monitor the temperature of their harvest. This will save them time as well as alert them to potential infestation at the earliest possible moment so that they can minimize the damage.

On top of more sensors, the farm also plans to use another product from the CleverFarm portfolio: CleverAssets. This program is invaluable for land administration, including the preparation of leasing agreements to paying their leasing fees. This will greatly simplify their land management responsibilities.

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