The CleverFarm Application

Thanks to the CleverFarm app, recording your agronomic activity and running your farm can actually become enjoyable!
CleverFarm drastically reduces the headache associated with the everyday administration involved in running your farm. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and you can log into it from any device. Anywhere that you can access the internet, you can access monitor and run your farm using the app. That also applies to an unlimited number of people you want to give access to.

Log in, save your info, and most importantly, save your time!

Records of Agronomic Activity

You no longer need to rely on a collection of journals, notebooks, and excel-sheets to record all of your important notes and data. Store all of it in one place using even the basic version of the CleverFarm app, and you can access it anytime, on any device, and anywhere that you have an internet connection.


You no longer need to go on-site to see how your crops are doing. Our sensors monitor the temperature and humidity of your crops and your storage areas so you always know the conditions, even without the travel.. Our partners in Europe have an additional feature of being able to track and predict pest problems.

Satellite Imagery

We are bringing introducing the principles of Precision Agriculture to every farmer. Based on the satellite imagery, you can monitor the variance of your farming zones, and from that data create variable maps for seeding and fertilization. Precision Agriculture increases your farms efficiency by minimizing inventory use (i.e. costs) and maximizing yields.  

Land Registry

Managing your farmland has never been easier. With the Land Registry feature, you always have an up-to-date overview of landowners and leasing agreements, pulled straight from publically available cadastral data. CleverAssets is a standalone app which can help you generate contracts and tax returns. Currently, the Land Registry feature is only available in the Czech Republic.

Asset Management is a feature currently only available inside the Czech Republic.

More information?

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