Satellite monitoring and creating variable maps

Using satellite imagery, you will be able to evaluate the variability of your fields and can create variable maps for seeding and fertilization. This optimizes the amount of seed and fertilizer that you use, which allows you to decrease your costs per yield. You can monitor your crops all along their growth cycle, evaluating them on a number of selected biophysical parameters. The best part is, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own office.

Precision Farming for everyone

Using imagery from the European Copernicus program, we try to make the principles of Precision Farming available to every farmer.

Information all in one place

You have all of the important data at your fingertips: vegetation status, biomass development, chlorophyll content, and other important biophysical indicators evaluated from satellite imagery.

Material cost optimization

Thanks to the principles of Precision Farming, you can optimize the usage of materials such as fertilizer or seeds.

Environmental safety

The principles of Precision Farming have a positive impact on the environment.

Delineating Management Zones

By analyzing historical satellite imagery you can evaluate high-performance zones for each of your chosen crops. The variability is described using indicators connected to plant growth.

Historical satellite imagery

Inside the app, you can access the entire history of satellite history, all the way back to the very first day you set up. This way you can always go back in the future and observe the positive impacts of your activities.


Inside the app you can track the entire vegetation growth cycle with the help of biophysical indicators such as chlorophyll content, water content, and leaf area. These measurements can be used to evaluate the impact of your agro-technical activities.

Variable rate prescription maps

Thanks to the combination of current and historical conditions of your crops, you can easily create variable maps for fertilization and seeding.


Our Satelitte Imagery service is provided in cooperation with GISAT s.r.o., who distributes satellite data and other outputs for monitoring.

Determing the growth potential for agricultural crops

Historical variability

Lack of yield maps from harvester on your farm? No worries - we use long-term satellite imagery to analyze patterns in the variability of growth for different crops on all of your plots. The variability is described using indicators connected to crop development, which are determined by satellite data.The zones delineated correspond well with the yield pattern on your plots.

Delineating farm management zones

By analyzing historical images you can identify areas of your land which have had long-term problems in output, and delineate them into management zones. This will divide your land into performance categories, and you’ll be able to much more easily estimate the yield potential from these zones. If high variability is found, it is best to apply the principles of precision farming.



In the app, you will stay up-to-date with current and historical satellite imagery which help you track biophysical indicators such as chlorophyll content, water content, and leaf area. Based on these values, you can get accurate information about how your crops are developing and you will be able to address any problem areas before they become an issue.

State of growth

Unique biophysical parameters help you plan out your farming operations. By monitoring the chlorophyll and water content of your vegetation, along with canopy cover, you can track the speed at which your crops are ripening, as well as their current maturity level. This will help you optimize your harvest.

Create variable rate prescription maps

Variable maps

In the application you can easily create variable maps for seeding and fertilization. You can then load the created map into your tractor’s terminal using a portable drive. You will apply the fertilizer or seeds according to the variable map using the ISOBUS interface. This allows you to use precisely what you need and eliminate waste.

Precision farming

Optimizing the amount of fertilizer that you use not only saves you in material costs, but also typically will increase your yield by a few percent. Also, using only the amount of fertilizer that you need has a positive impact on the environment.  

Service costs for Satellite Imagery

Service costs for the Statellite Data feature start at 4 Euros per hectare. Discounts are available based on the total size of the land being monitored. You’ll be amazed at how much applying Precision Farming will save you!

Try out our Satellite Imagery feature on your farm!