An overview of the your land and leasing agreement

Currently this is a feature only available in the Czech Republic (and soon, in Slovakia as well). However, it is a feature that we are planning to bring to more regions. If it is a feature that you’d like us to bring to your country, please write us and let us know!

Managing the administration of farmland has never been easier. In the CleverAssets app you can see an overview of the land that you own as well any rental or payment agreements that you’ve entered into.

Simplifying land management

Keep track of all of your land-ownership data and leasing agreements all in one place, which is available any time you need it.

Web application

All you need to access the application is an internet connection. You can use any device, and it doesn’t require any installation.

Unlimited number of users

An unlimited number of users can access the application, and you can give each of them customized access privileges.

Satisfaction guarenteed

If, after a year of use, you don’t feel that this service has been worth the cost, we will happily offer you a refund.

Up-to-date data

Directly inside the application you will have access to all of the local cadastral data. The app will even notify you of any relevant changes in land ownership.

Risk prevention

Because the app keeps track of the contract periods, you will never need to worry about your ownership expiring. The app will always alert you in time.

Records of land exchanges

Keep track of any time land-use changes, and make sure you are making good use of all of the land under your management.

Tax returns

If you are required to file for a real estate tax return, the application can automatically generate it for you.


Data from local land registry systems

You can see the current cadastral data overlaid on the map. This data is retrieved from local land registry systems (e.g. LPIS in the Czech Republic).  

Monitoring changes

You will be notified of any changes in the land registry, including links to the actual contracts. So you will be able to plan ahead and be able to make an offer for land as soon as it becomes available.

Automatically generate leasing agreements

Creating a leasing agreement from scratch can take a lot of time. Simply create a template, and afterwards it will only take you a couple of minutes.

Annual calculations

The application can recalculate the amount of rent (including the corresponding tax refund) and provide you with an overview of all payments.


In the Land Registry feature you can easily view all of your standing payments, which you can export and share with your online banking service to easily send the money. Or instead, you can quickly generate a file for the local post office, which can send out the payments as money-orders.

Tax return

Farmers in the Czech Republic have to file more than just a simple real estate tax return. There are other management and administration fees to consider as well. The app helps them records all needed information so that creating the forms they need to do their taxes takes only a matter of minutes.

Overview reports

It takes only a couple minutes to generate a graphical report of your land-ownership data, which helps you avoid risks and gives you clear insight into the managing of your owned and rented land.

Land Registry service costs

The price for the Land Registry feature depends on the number of plots you are managing. In the Czech Republic, this starts at 400 CZK / month. Try the demo for free!

Interested in Land Registry?