An overview of your farm’s agronomic activity

Unlike other similar systems. CleverFarm is actually an online application. This means that you can access the system anywhere you want, and your data stays synced. All you need to do to use the system is to contact us. We will create you an account and send you your login details.

Overview Report

Keep your records on a smart application which you can access anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Nitrate Directive Monitoring

CleverFarm will automatically monitor compliance with the EU Nitrate Directive (currently only available in the Czech Republic).

Intuitive Controls

You won’t need any training nor manual in order to use our application. You will be able to quickly find your way around the app, and if not, we are always available to help.

Map View

All of your information will be displayed on a map, making it easier for you to monitor your plots of land and the activities connected to them.

Multiple Farms Under One Account

You can register multiple farms under one single account and generate reports for them individually without having to log out or switch accounts.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and keep track of changes to it.

Don’t pay a single cent!

Managing your records through CleverFarm is completely free.

Easy to set up

Contact us! We will create an account for you and send you your login information.


Map with weather forecast

View your entire farm on our map to see the individual plots and the crops growing on them. You can edit the parcels and create your crop plan directly onto the map.You can also use advanced editing functions to make changes to the polygon of the plots, allowing you to create buffers and strips. You can see here live and forecasted rain projected directly onto the map of your farm. A must-have for the daily planning of activities on your fields.

Overview of parcels

Parcels growing the same crop can be combined to simplify your work

Farm Activity

Record everything that happens on your farm, from EPH application, seeding, harvesting, plowing, and more. In some regions of the world, we can even help you follow local regulations.

Crop protection preparation

You will automatically be alerted to the maximum allowable dose of crop-protection products as well as which organisms they are designed to prevent.

Nitrate Directive

CleverFarm helps you stay compliant with the EU Nitrate Directive by recording how much nitrogen you are adding to the soil. It will also alert you to any banned fertilizers as well as the maximum quantities of nitrogen that can be applied to your crops. This is especially useful for your plots located on sloping land, or for plots that are next to bodies of water. (Currently only available in the Czech Republic).


Keep track of your changing inventory throughout the year. When creating plans to seed, fertilize, or protect your crops, you will be informed if you don’t have sufficient supplies in your inventory.


Download and print reports corresponding to any range of dates that you wish. Available file types are .pdf and .xlsx (MS Excel).

Manage multiple farms

If you are managing multiple farms, you can switch between them directly inside the app. There’s no need to log out or switch accounts.

Price Catalogue

In addition to the pre-set items that we track for your (e.g. fertilizers, seeds, etc.), you can also create your own items that you wish to keep track of.

Service costs

You can use the Farm Activity feature completely for free, and for as long as you want. However, we also offer some paid features as well such as Sensors, and Satellite Imagery services. These can help you maximize your farm’s efficiency using modern technology and the principles of Precision Agriculture

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