You can learn what the weather or humidity is like on your farm in a few seconds on your mobile phone or computer.

We are the first company in the Czech Republic to use online sensors in agriculture. Thanks to these, you’ll always know what’s happening in your fields or storage—without having to go there.

Connection to the land registry and LPIS

The CleverAssets module communicates nonstop with the land registry and the public farmland register. It always provides you with current information about the ownership of land or when contracts will expire.

For farmers and landowners

CleverAssets helps farmers and tenants, as well as farmland owners. Thanks to the application, farmers have an overview of land owners and can generate commercial rental agreements or pay rent. Owners can also get an overview of their tenants and yields from land.

Straightforward tax return creation

You’ll no longer have to pay an accountant to file your tax return. In CleverAssets you can simply prepare a tax return in a few minutes which you then send or take to the taxation authority.

A DEMO version is free of charge

With CleverAssets you aren’t risking anything at all—you can download the demo version and try it free of charge. As soon as you get used to the program, you’ll want to order the full version immediately!

Establish a farm on your land free of charge