The most straightforward application anywhere for recording agronomic activities or keeping an eye on subsidies

You don’t need diaries, notepads, or Excel spreadsheets anymore. In CleverFarm you can keep records of all agronomic activities free of charge and the application will keep an eye on the requirements of the nitrates directive and POR for you.

Straightforward records and keeps an eye on subsidies

CleverFarm is a straightforward application that lets you keep records of all your agronomic activities. The application will automatically keep an eye on the nitrates directive requirements and any mandatory management obligations in applications for subsidies and crop protection products. What’s more, at any time you can open it on your computer or mobile phone.

Intuitive operation using a map window

To use CleverFarm you don’t need any training or have to read a 20-page manual. When you first open the application, you’ll quickly get oriented. An advanced map window with editor will make it easy for you to navigate and simplify inputting your activities. After a few hours, you’ll know all the functions and options through and through.

Weather forecast for the next three days

Each day, CleverFarm downloads data from the nearest meteorological station and gives you a weather forecast for three days in advance. You can arrange a more precise forecast for your farm by purchasing the Sensors module together with its own meteorological station.


Seeds, fertilisers, and crop protection products. In CleverFarm you can maintain storage records and have a constant overview of your inventories and movements in them. So you’ll never get to the point when a spray runs out at the last moment.

It’s free

You won’t pay any money for the records module with automatic monitoring of compliance with the nitrates directive and POR—all you have to do is log in to the application, enter identification details from the Farmer Portal and the application itself automatically reads the farm and all your land. If you want even more, take a look at the additional Sensors and Sentinel modules.

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