Agricultural Innovation Academy 2020

5. 2. 2020, 9‒17 hod., Praha, VÚRV
12. 2. 2020, 9‒17 hod., Brno, Vienna Point

Our vision

We help introduce farmers to all aspects of relevant modern technology that makes their work more efficient, more profitable, and with fewer costs. Some questions that we will answer include: What are the practical advantages of implementing new methods of monitoring your crops? What are the benefits in adding sensors to your fields, in the soil, or in your storage areas? Why use agronomic records at all? We, and other experts in agriculture, will discuss, and even demonstrate, the answers to all of these questions and more.

How to have higher yields and lower costs in agriculture?

Our main theme at the event will be around the topic of Precision Agriculture. Can it really result in higher yields while at the same time reducing your environmental impact? Is it really possible to deliver this with an overall reduction in costs? How is Precision Agriculture being used around the world, and how does it actually work in practice? We will do everything we can to make sure every farmer attending the AIA understands this important concept.

Other topics to be discussed include effectively dividing up large (30+ ha) pieces of farmland, crop-growth prediction models, and which farming equipment to use if you want to maximize your yields (and minimize your material costs).

Our speakers for AIA 2020

You’ll hear from the leading Czech professionals as they talk to us about their view on Precision Agriculture and what it means to them.

  • Jan Lukas from VURV
  • Vojtech Lukas from Mendel University
  • Lubos Kucera from Gisat
  • Ondrej Perlik from Strom Praha
  • Adam Zloty form CleverFarm
  • Petr Zloty from CleverFarm
  • Jiri Cizek from CleverAssets
  • Syngenta

Topics of discussion for AIA 2020

  • What are the practical advantages of implementing new methods of monitoring your crops?
  • What complications can you expect with 30+ ha of land?
  • What are the benefits in adding sensors to your fields, in the soil, or in your storage areas?
  • How can you use prediction models to minimize loss from pests and disease?
  • What does Precision Agriculture look like around the world?
  • Practical experience with Precision Agriculture and modern technology.
  • Results of AIA 2019

Who is AIA 2020 for?

AIA will be perfect for any farmer who has thought about implementing Precision Agriculture on their farm, but maybe they don’t understand all the concepts and terminology. Maybe you already have the basics of Precision Agriculture down, but you’re looking for more information about what equipment is needed and where you can rent it.

Organizers of AIA 2020

MENDELU (Mendel University) helps train and consult others on variable-rate prescription maps for fertilization and seeding. They can also recommend which farming equipment and technology to use for
Precision Agriculture.

VURV is the largest source of applied research in the Czech Republic and focuses on crop production and
other related topics. In addition to traditional fields, VURV is also focusing more on sustainable farming

GISAT focuses on the analysis of satellite data (including the spatial variability and biophysical
parameters of crops) for a select group of businesses.

STROM PRAHA helps farms prepare variable-rate prescription maps that can be used by modern farming
equipment. They provide demos and can even perform these services for farms without the necessary

Syngenta develops and distributes a wide range of seeds and plant protection products. They offer comprehensive solutions to protect almost any kind of crop from weeds, fungal diseases, and pests.

AIA 2020
Where and when

February 5th, 2020, 09:00 – 17:00, Prague, VURV
February 12 th , 2020, 09:00 – 17:00, Brno, Vienna Point