We enjoy modern technology and agriculture, and we would love to show you how they intersect

We started with a simple idea of wanting to provide farmers with a map that showed them all of the information about their fields and farming activities. This idea, and our team, gradually grew and developed into what we are today: a team with a wealth of experience in modern technology, geo-information, and agriculture.

Many years of farming and farming consultation have resulted in the development of a comprehensive online solution for farmers. Our goal is to make new agricultural technology available to everyone, as well as to create something that is so user-friendly that the everyday farmer would enjoy incorporating it into his daily routine. So far, we think that we’re on the right track.


CleverFarm started off as one of 4 projects inside the CleverMaps company


We had our first chance to try the product on a consultation for Astur Straškov


CleverFarm established as a separate company


We developed our first prototype of an online sensor using IoT technology


CleverFarm started cooperation with Gisat to develop the Satellite data service


CleverAssets, an application for land registry, is established as a part of CleverFarm

Our team at CleverFarm is already 25-strong, so we don’t have the space to introduce you to the whole team. But we would like to at least introduce you to a few key people from the Management, Sales, and Customer Support departments, as they as the people you are most likely to interact with.


Adam Zlotý

Adam has held the position of CEO ever since the beginning of CleverFarm. He contributes to the development and direction of the product. Thanks to his rich international experience, he takes care of foreign trade and wants to see the product spread throughout the entire world!

Oldřich Kahoun

Oldrich ensures the functioning of the team and takes care of financial management. Since 2013, he has been the running the Land Registry program. He meets with users, collects ideas, and manages part of the development team.

Petr Zlotý

Petr oversees the development of new technologies. Since his early days with the company, he has been involved in the Satellite Imagery feature, even overseeing the introduction of sensors into our product list. Because he is people-centric, he enjoys interacting with our customers and handling sales.

Veronika Švarcová

Veronika creates a communication bridge between the customers and the development team. She collects feedback from farmers and brainstorms with the developers about how to implement them into the product.


Tomáš Zika

Tomas has learned from experts in one of the largest agricultural companies inside the Czech Republic and is currently using his experience in his role as one of our sales representation.

Michal Beneš

Michal made a living from farming for a little while. He works mainly inside the Czech Republic his expertise is in our Farm Activity, Sensors, and Satelitte Data features.

Petr Filip

Petr runs a small family winery and has been around farming since childhood. He mainly focuses on sales in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic, but also has clients in Slovakia.

Jiří Čížek

Jiri specializes in effective farmland management. So if you are interesting in our CleverAssets feature, then he will be pleased to demonstrate it for you. He also can advise you on Sensors and Farm Activity features.


Michal Burian

Michal is here to support anyone interested in our application. As our user support specialist you will probably be interacting with him in chat or via e-mail.

Iva Strnadová

Iva acts as our CleverAssets support. She is always available to help you solve any difficult problems or to connect you with the correct person.

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