We enjoy modern technology and agriculture, and we would love to show you how they intersect

We started with a simple idea of wanting to provide farmers with a map that showed them all of the information about their fields and farming activities. This idea, and our team, gradually grew and developed into what we are today: a team with a wealth of experience in modern technology, geo-information, and agriculture.

Many years of farming and farming consultation have resulted in the development of a comprehensive online solution for farmers. Our goal is to make new agricultural technology available to everyone, as well as to create something that is so user-friendly that the everyday farmer would enjoy incorporating it into his daily routine. So far, we think that we’re on the right track.


CleverFarm started off as one of 4 projects inside the CleverMaps company


We had our first chance to try the product on a consultation for Astur Straškov


CleverFarm established as a separate company


We developed our first prototype of an online sensor using IoT technology


CleverFarm started cooperation with Gisat to develop the Satellite data service


CleverAssets, an application for land registry, is established as a part of CleverFarm

Adam Zlotý

Oldřich Kahoun

Petr Zlotý
Solution Architect

Veronika Švarcová
Development Manager

Tomáš Zika
Sales representative

Jiří Čížek
Sales representative

Michal Beneš
Sales representative

Petr Filip
Sales representative

Michal Burian
CleverFarm Support

Iva Strnadová
CleverAssets support

Adam Severa
Marketing & PR

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