We exist so that farmers have a simpler life

Since our youth, we’ve admired both agriculture and modern technologies.
Now we’ve found a great way to connect them!

The CleverFarm project is part of the CleverMaps family of map applications.

Its aim is to make modern technology available to all farmers so even a small farmer with one field a few of hectares in size can afford satellite images or sensors for crops. This is because we believe that all farmers deserve
a better life.

Three testimonials that CleverFarm
simplifies your life

Thanks to the CleverFarm application, records of activities at a farm are more efficient, simpler, and straightforward. It’s easy to use and completely intuitive.
I can manage my farm from anywhere. Thanks to CleverFarm, I have a perfect overview of what’s happening on my farm, whether I’m at home or anywhere in the country.
All the data for my farm is available thanks to online sensors measuring the temperature and moisture of air in fields, grain storage, and soil. I can check everything I need about the farm from home.

This is us. Enthusiastic agronomists,
the children of farmers, IT specialists!

Adam “Adi” Zlotý

Africa, Asia… Adam trusts that the CleverFarm application has global potential. That’s why he handles foreign trade at the company and likes working on something that makes sense. Each additional positive experience our clients have proves this to him.

Petr “Peťa” Zlotý

Martin “Marťa” Peňák

Thanks to Peťa, sci-fi is becoming reality. He is responsible for all the new technologies, especially the online sensors for soil, crops, and harvests. He is happiest is when something he has worked on makes our customers happy.

Martin develops the web portion of the application at CleverFarm. Every day he makes sure the new version of the application is even more user-friendly than the previous. When he wants to clear his head of work and worries, he travels into the mountains, best of all!

Gabriela “Gábi” Podolníková

Gábi isn’t just any coder—where others simply write code, she literally seeds lines into her monitor. When she isn’t sitting at her computer, she’s probably off taking photos somewhere, travelling, exercising, or dancing. When she isn’t, well, then she’s most certainly… sleeping.

Martin Macko

Martin is our developer and if he has any time left over he’s making coffee, selecting beans, cleaning the French press, or washing cups. In his free time, he does kung fu martial arts and spends his time training a child army of kung fu warriors.

Ondrej “Ondrejko” Zvara

Another of our frontend developers. What he likes most about CleverFarm is that through his work he can help farmers manage their land well. He has a personal interest in this, because in his free time he loves cooking, and for this he needs quality ingredients!

Monika “Monča” Protivová

Monča is responsible for testing. She uncovers most of the teething problems our application has before it gets out to you. She’s happiest when she’s working on a sensible project that genuinely helps people.

Ondřej Božek 

Ondra is a developer and handles the CleverFarm application architecture. What he loves about his work is that he can use the latest procedures and technologies without any limitations to create something that does not yet exist on the global market.

Veronika “Verča” Švarcová

Verča is head of development. She manages, communicates with customers, gathers data, helps customers over the phone, and handles about 512 other things. She believes CleverFarm has brought together a bunch of wonderful people to work on an exceptional project.

Jan “Jenc” Martinák

Jenc is responsible for developing the frontend and backend at the company. If you saw him working at a computer, you might notice that his fingers are incredibly fast and agile. This is because in his free time he… plays the piano!