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Record everything that happens on your farm, from EPH application, seeding, harvesting, plowing, and more. All you need to do to use the system is to contact us. We will create you an account and send you your login details.

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Precision Agriculture

Determine your crop-growth potential. Create variable-rate application maps. Get started with Precision Agriculture now.



Probability of pests occurring. Temperature and humidity in storage areas. Weather tracking. Take full control of your farm.


Farm Activity

Record your everyday activities on your farm. Keep track of your inventory. Helps you follow EU’s nitrate directive.


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Since March 2019, we and our team of partners have been organizing the Agricultural Innovation Academy (AIA),
where we show farmers and agronomists how to start implementing modern technologies.

Our clients are our partners.
We’re in this together.

„The CleverFarm app is great because it instantly syncs data with the cloud which makes it very easy to view and sort information.“


Jakub Láčik


„When there’s a problem which could threaten the harvest (e.g. a sudden rise in internal temperature), we learn about it immediately and can intervene in time.“


Miroslav Novák
ASTUR Straškov


„Modern agriculture offers many significant benefits. It allows us to be fully self-sufficient, even with a low mount of workers and agricultural machinery. It really maximizes how efficient you can be.“

Ing. Ondřej Čáp
Agrospol Jezeřany


Our partners

CleverFarm works with a wide range of agricultural and agricultural-adjacent companies, ranging from local entrepreneurs to international corporations.


Results from the AIA show the economic strengths of  Precision Agriculture

Results from the AIA show the economic strengths of Precision Agriculture

CleverFarm just finished up the 2 nd year of their annual Agricultural Innovation Academy (AIA), whose goal is to inform farmers about the benefits of using modern technology within the framework of Precision Agriculture.

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How do diseases develop on your crops?

How do diseases develop on your crops?

CleverFarm is the first company inside the Czech Republic to produce an app for farmers which can reliably help them predict the occurrence of pests and diseases on their crops. This includes corn borers, fungus, and other diseases.

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