We’re bringing innovative solutions to the world of agriculture


We have a wealth of experience in the fields of both agriculture and new technology, and we’re using it to deliver an innovative solution to help farmers with their everyday work. CleverFarm’s intuitive and easy-to-use online application allows you to take advantage of modern technology to maximize the efficiency of your farm.

The core component of the CleverFarm application is Farm Activity, which is an environment to record all of your farm’s agronomic activities. To really take your farm to the next level, however, you can incorporate the app’s more sophisticated features, like Sensors and Satellite Imagery.

Farm Activity

The core feature of the application is Farm Activity, which is a comprehensive environment where you can record, look-up, and display all of your farm’s crucial agronomic activity. You can manage your inventory, ensure compliance with local regulations, and much more. There’s even the option to see these kinds of critical information displayed intuitively over a map of your farm.



Thanks to Sensors, you no longer need to go all the way out to your fields or warehouse just to see how your farm is doing. Every 30 minutes, the app uses IoT technology to remotely update you on all the most important data you need to know in order to run your farm. We offer a variety of different sensors to provide you with the exact data needed for your specific farm.



Satellite Imagery

Learn more about your fields by using Sentinel, our satellite imagery service. They can be used to set up management zones and to create variable maps for sowing and fertilization. In addition, the satellite data can keep you up-to-date on the status of your crops by tracking vegetation status, chlorophyll and water content, and leaf index. This will make it easier to predict yields and plan for harvesting.


Asset Management

Our Land Records service is an online registrar of land ownership and leasing – helping farmers generate contracts, tax returns, and more. Currently, this service is only available inside the Czech Republic, but we are expanding this service to more regions soon.


„You can manage your farm from anywhere. Thanks to CleverFarm, I have a perfect overview of what’s happening on my farm – no matter if I am at home, or half a world away.“

‒ Radek Frkal, Empresa

„Thanks to the CleverFarm app, recording the necessary information from my farming activities is easier, more efficient, and more convenient. Using the app is simple and completely intuitive.“

‒ Petr Novák jr., Astur Straškov

„We have experience with the Bar Sensor which we installed in one of our storage areas for winter wheat. After 3 months of storage, we found there was the beginning of an infestation. We cleaned and aerated everything. If we didn't have a sensor from CleverFarm, we wouldn't have known that there was a problem until it was too late to save the harvest.“

‒ Ondřej Bačina, AGROSSyn


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Record everything that happens on your farm, from EPH application, seeding, harvesting, plowing, and more. All you need to do to use the system is to contact us. We will create you an account and send you your login details.